Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cynically Tested's: The What Is!

Welcome to the new
We've been on an extended Summer vacation but we were working on some things and now we're back!.The first is our new show called "The What Is". If you liked our short series Twixters, you'll like this.

Our new show "Cynically Tested's: The What Is - Election 08'" is an election special aimed at our generation and we attempt to explain why we don't vote. For more info on the show click the logo.
Watch Us On Ichannel:

Sat. Oct 11th and Sunday October 12th 8pm and 11pm et/pt.

Again on Monday October 13th at 7 pm in Ontario only.

Our Guests:

Navdeep Bains: Liberal MP for Mississauga Brampton South (Official Opposition Critic for International Trade, Federal Youth Caucus Liaison, head of the Vote Green, Go Red Campaign)

Andrea Moffat: First Time Candidate for the NDP (named an award winning activist by U of T and has worked with the United Way, YMCA as well as being the former co-chair of the Canadian Centre for Womyn’s Education and Development).

Jake Karns: One of the youngest Conservatives running in Ontario. He is the PC Candidate from Willowdale.

Marc Chalifoux is the executive director of The Dominion Institute and the Democracy Project (a national, non-partisan initiative to actively engage young Canadians and first-time voters in the federal election.

Check out the opening sketch from the show!

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If you don't have anything nice to say...

  • "Twixters creators turn short end of the stick into generational shtick" - the Toronto Star
  • "offers some real insight and humour..." - The Globe and Mail on The What Is
  • "The What Is has an intriguing mandate... it's worth checking out" - The Toronto Sun
  • " a voice of reason... Toronto's answer to Keith Olbermann" - Eye Weekly on Dan Speerin
  • "...treads into unchartered tv territory" - Eye Weekly on the The What Is
  • " A biting satire of media stereotypes and a fresh look on life after college" - Campus Life Canada
  • "Veering between biting satire and grim realism, Twixters is a comedy series with an edge" - U of T Magazine
  • "Biting Social Satire" - Sun TV's Canoe Live on Cynically Tested