Monday, February 16, 2009

The What Is!: Mission Status: Week One

So the show finally debuted on ichannel and we're getting some great feedback from everyone. "It's about time our generation got a show!" seems to be the concensus. We're going to do our best to try and provide everybody with a chance to have their say. Let's be honest anyone who just goes out and claims to be the spokesperson of a generation is either a douchebag or Pepsi. Sorry that was redundant. We're not saying we speak for everyone but we are saying we do deserve a chance to speak.

Oh, and just incase you thought I was faking this cause a recent eye weekly article about the show proved I'm by no means cool.

" Speerin’s rent is mostly paid with a day job at the CN Tower — preferring to stay away from the film-related grunt work of his peers in favour of escorting tourists up the elevator. Little do they know he not only aspires to be the next Bill Maher — if not the next Bill Hicks — but that he actually is getting the chance to play that role on TV, riffing on issues of millennial discontent."

So, now you know my day job, please feel free to drop by and come up the elevator, be sure to ask me "what ocean is that?" when pointing to Lake Ontario.

Speaking of Press the Toronto Sun also gave our show a shout out this week.

" The What Is! has an intriguing mandate, as it uses comedic bits and panel discussions to focus on how the current 25-and-under generation -- the "Millenials" -- often are dismissed by mainstream media as the dumbest generation ever."
"...Sometimes The What Is! descends into bashing back at older generations, and those bits are the lamest parts of the show. But conceptually speaking, it's worth checking out..."

We hope the baby boomer generation forgives us for being "lame" by giving them the digs. If they do, we'll forgive baby boomers for never being able to spell "Millennial" despite inventing the term for us.

All kidding aside, we want to thank both reporters for supporting our show, since it's not an easy show to get made and we appreciate their help in getting the word out. Channels think the only content our generation will watch is half naked anorexic women cage fighting or pretty boys waxing poetic in California - wow, I just got why the Hills is so popular.

We did this show to say - seriously we're not as dumb as you think we are and a lot of our generation has stopped watching tv altogether because YOU DON'T GIVE US AN ALTERNATIVE!

This coming week the what is takes on Tuition fees. Until then check out the final lame rant from last week's show!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The What Is: Premieres Tonight!

As you watch the show tonight (ichannel - 7:30 pm et) keep in mind for young producers to get a show like this on the air, you must go through some pretty ridiculous focus groups and suggestions. Watch as host Dan Speerin and Producer Alan So have to deal with some `notes` from slightly older focus groups.

From tonight`s episode ``Our Rebuttal`` airing on

Monday, February 9, 2009

The What Is: Countdown 4 Days!

Cynically Tested's: The What Is!

The What Is! begins airing this Thursday on ichannel. Throughout February we'll be posting clips of the show and posting the ridiculously biased articles by everyone from USA Today to the crew at 60 Minutes, that inspired us to create the series. For now enjoy a sneak peak at the series via our friends at myspace.

the best of

If you don't have anything nice to say...

  • "Twixters creators turn short end of the stick into generational shtick" - the Toronto Star
  • "offers some real insight and humour..." - The Globe and Mail on The What Is
  • "The What Is has an intriguing mandate... it's worth checking out" - The Toronto Sun
  • " a voice of reason... Toronto's answer to Keith Olbermann" - Eye Weekly on Dan Speerin
  • "...treads into unchartered tv territory" - Eye Weekly on the The What Is
  • " A biting satire of media stereotypes and a fresh look on life after college" - Campus Life Canada
  • "Veering between biting satire and grim realism, Twixters is a comedy series with an edge" - U of T Magazine
  • "Biting Social Satire" - Sun TV's Canoe Live on Cynically Tested