Thursday, February 12, 2009

The What Is: Premieres Tonight!

As you watch the show tonight (ichannel - 7:30 pm et) keep in mind for young producers to get a show like this on the air, you must go through some pretty ridiculous focus groups and suggestions. Watch as host Dan Speerin and Producer Alan So have to deal with some `notes` from slightly older focus groups.

From tonight`s episode ``Our Rebuttal`` airing on

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  • "Twixters creators turn short end of the stick into generational shtick" - the Toronto Star
  • "offers some real insight and humour..." - The Globe and Mail on The What Is
  • "The What Is has an intriguing mandate... it's worth checking out" - The Toronto Sun
  • " a voice of reason... Toronto's answer to Keith Olbermann" - Eye Weekly on Dan Speerin
  • "...treads into unchartered tv territory" - Eye Weekly on the The What Is
  • " A biting satire of media stereotypes and a fresh look on life after college" - Campus Life Canada
  • "Veering between biting satire and grim realism, Twixters is a comedy series with an edge" - U of T Magazine
  • "Biting Social Satire" - Sun TV's Canoe Live on Cynically Tested