Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meet the Press! now with more Narrator Babble

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Okay, so sometimes Narrator's do press. The picture above is from today's Toronto Star. The article gives our take on our generation and also reminds you that this winter is "winterlicious" apparently. (see picture) Winterlicious indeed -Freedom of the press! They are free to have as many ad's as they like.

So, incase you only believe in reading one thing a day and we're filling you're quota - here's the Coles' Notes. Twixters is the must watch show of the year, if you can find the show. Okay, so it's not a review of the show but more of a review of our generation. I give us two thumbs up and Peter Travers calls us "generationtastic - a comic romp!" - Okay, so it's not a review of our generation either but sometimes Narrators hate Peter Travers.

The article showcases our characters and view point of a generation and takes a good first step in all of us reclaiming Time Magazine's label of "Twixters". It also takes a good first step in hopefully never having to hear the term "Millennial" again. I for one refuse to be called anything that conjures up images of Robbie Williams - by the way the picture on the left won "creepiest lifeguard picture ever taken 1995". The picture on the right was taken from the Annie Leibovitz book "Pictures lit from under rock".

Where was I? Oh right, Peter Travers really bothers me - "Big Willie has no problem holding the screen"... - Peter Travers on I am Legend. Yes, he really wrote that - fact check me I dare you.

But I digress... and leave you with this quote that will live on forever in the Toronto Star microfilm library or for the next seven days in the online search category, whichever comes first.

If our series/blog/facebook group teaches you anything it teaches you this

About his generation of Twixters: "We don't live in our parents' basements because we're dependent and sad. We live in our parents' basements because we're poor."

I think even Morley Safer can agree to that, if he finds his meds first.

With Love From My Parent's Basement,

The Narrator

Stay tuned for more blahgs.

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