Friday, November 9, 2007

Hi, I'm a narrator and this is a blog.

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Hi, I'm a narrator and this is a blog.

They told me the key to a successful blog is to be blunt and honest. Wow, that's going to be hard.

Truth is - I didn't really want to blog. Hell, I'm not really sure how I even narrate a blog ...but it's a Canadian comedy show and they couldn't afford to keep paying a staff writer so, ta-da the first ever Narrator blog.

You may be asking yourself "what the hell is this?" if you were asking that - read the first line - it's a blog. (sighs, narrating is much easier on tv.)

In the coming weeks this blog will feature my thoughts on narrating a new generation Time Magazine tried to label "twixters".

Narrator Note: That means they think we're "betwixt" aka "stuck" between adolescence and adulthood.

Plus, it's a catchier title on a magazine cover than "twenty-somethings stuck between adolescence and adulthood according to out of touch writer".

Pop-up segue -Which brings us to the show that employs me.

You see, I spend my days narrating the lives of six twenty-somethings for the new comedy series "twixters" -------------------------- (insert shameless plug).

Oh, I suppose that means I need to actually plug the show. Okay I'm not getting paid enough to do this. While I call my agent - just watch this trailer, I'm sure it will help you get caught up.

Twixters a new comedy series 11.27.07
Uploaded by twixterstv

p.s. apparently the characters are lonely and need friends - so add them to facebook under "twixters" or goto .

p.p.s - See that right sidebar - now there are links to facebook, myspace and youtube - that way I don't have to type this again.


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